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Founded on the simple principle, “build beautiful things,” the architectural team at Pursley Dixon is known for blending elements of tradition with a modern lifestyle. In their first book, Finding Home, they share 15 stunning houses in three distinct styles: rustic mountain escapes, dreamy retreats by the water, and elegant houses in town. Each house has its own thoughtful visual narrative, but all are connected on an innate and authentic level by their sense of proportion, attention to detail, and a marvelous affinity with nature. That connection to nature is evident in the soothing neutral palettes, oversize windows that bring the outdoors in, and natural materials such as roughhewn stone and unfinished wood. Little touches of humanity await discovery, such as a sleeping nook perched right out into the highest branches of a tree. These eccentricities and secrets add to the distinctly Southern sense of warmth and refuge these homes provide; homes whose open interiors and majestic porches easily accommodate family and gatherings. Featuring their own interior design work as well as that of acclaimed decorators including Suzanne Kasler, Phoebe Howard, and Circa Interiors, Finding Home is about creating houses of inherent beauty that will spark an emotional connection to last a lifetime.

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Charlotte, North Carolina 28203